Stray Kids, 5-STAR (Ver B.)


Ships on: July 30, 2024

After a groundbreaking year with two consecutive Billboard 200 #1 albums, Stray Kids is back with a brand-new release, 5-STAR5-STAR is available in three versions: VER. A, VER. B, and VER. C. All versions contain: Photobook (unique to each ver), CD (unique to each ver), Photocards (random 2 of 24), OOTD Mini Poster (random 1 of 8), Sticker Set (2 sheets), Cartoon Postcard, B-Cut Film Mini Photobook (random 1 of 3), Folded Poster (unique to each ver). International Retail Exclusive: Postcard.


  1. Hall of Fame
  2. S-Class
  3. ITEM
  4. Super Bowl
  5. TOPLINE (feat. TIGER JK)
  6. DLC
  7. GET LIT
  8. Collision
  9. FNF
  10. Youtiful
  11. THE SOUND (Korean Ver.)
  12. Mixtape : Time Out

*Limited to 4 per customer. 

Available for US customers only.