NMIXX, Fe3O4: BREAK (Mixx Blood Version) CD


Ships on: July 30, 2024

Known as one of the most talked-about 4th generation K-Pop girl group debuts, NMIXX (LILY, HAEWON, SULLYOON, BAE, JIWOO & KYUJIN) have completed their global showcase tour and are back with their 2nd mini album Fe3O4: BREAK, which includes pre-release single “Soñar (Breaker).” Available in 2 versions: Square One Version and Mixx Blood Version; contents include: CD, Photo Book, Photo Book Cover (random 1 of 6), Photo Card (random 2 of 12), Postcard (random 1 of 6), Poster (random 1 of 4).

Available for US customers only.

Limited to 4 per customer.