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Meduza CD


The self-titled EP will present two sides of MEDUZA’s versatility. Room 1 is made up of their most commercially celebrated records, such as Piece Of Your Heart Ft. Goodboys (peaked at #2 on UK single charts) Lose Control Ft. Becky Hill, Paradise Ft. Dermot Kennedy and Tell It To My Heart Ft. Hozier. Room 2 leans on their love for darker, more underground house music, expanding their deep-rooted sonic scape to trance, tech and 90s-inspired rave visuals for the groups new EP have elevated through collaborating with the award-winning Hingston Studio (Chemical Brothers, Grace Jones).


1. Phone
2. Piece Of Your Heart
3. Lose Control
4. Paradise
5. Tell It To My Heart
6. Bad Memories

1. Everything You Have Done
2. Upside Down
3. Friends
4. Ecstasy
5. Obsession
6. Back Again

Limited to 4 per customer.