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Lord Huron

Lord Huron, Music for The Starling Girl (Score & Music from the Original Motion Picture) LP

Lord Huron

Accompanying the acclaimed film The Starling Girl (written and directed by Laurel Parmet), Lord Huron vocalist and songwriter Ben Schneider composed a 14-track score for this translucent fog-colored single LP. The vinyl features the Lord Huron single "Ace Up My Sleeve," which has amassed over 2M Spotify streams and "channels the echoes of classic country through a modern, alternative prism."


1. Stained Glass
2. Warm Night
3. Deadbeats Jam Tape Winter '94
4. Tunnel of Trees
5. Jem's Theme
6. Fill Me to the Brim
7. Deadbeats Jam Tape Winter '95
8. Evening Ride
9. Summer Air
10. Hands to Sky
11. Mysteries
12. Overflowing
13. Jem's Theme (Reprise)
14. Ace Up My Sleeve

Limited to 4 per customer.