Dayglow LP


Ships on: September 13, 2024

Multi-platinum indie pop artist Dayglow reveals his new self-titled project and celebrates the official announcement by dropping his latest single “Cocoon.” DAYGLOW embodies exactly who Sloan Struble is as an artist and creative and acts as a proper introduction into the bright and colorful Dayglow world. The 10-track debut record was solely written, performed, recorded, produced, and mixed by Struble himself in his Malibu home studio. He opens up and shares, “When I was 18 years old, I made my mixtape Fuzzybrain. I was a pretty introverted kid from a reasonably small town in Texas, so I didn’t expect much to happen ‘commercially’ for the record—I just made it for my own enjoyment, really. As a fan of the 2010’s indie music scene (MGMT, The Strokes, Phoenix, Passion Pit, etc.), I wanted to see what kind of album I could make completely alone in my bedroom. So, out of the quest to make something I loved, Dayglow was born. It was a clear reflection of myself at that time. It was pure, naive, goofy, guitar-driven indie-pop made to be played live by a 5-piece band (that I didn’t even have yet).”


1.    Mindless Creatures
2.    Every Little Thing I Say I Do
3.    Cocoon
4.    Old Friend, New Face
5.    What People Really Do
6.    Nothing Ever Does
7.    This Feeling
8.    Weatherman
9.    Silver Lining
10.    Broken Bone

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